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When I was younger, I watched the relationships my parents had with their friends. Some friends they had in common, other friends were either my Dad’s friends or my Mum’s friends. I remember being chased away when they had game nights or movie nights with their friends, as I was the only child silly enough to not get the disappear memo.

As I got older and they got older, fun times like this became fewer and farther between. Some good friends moved away, some died, and it just seemed the voids left behind were never filled. The friendships that seemed to endure, were church based and most of the activities they shared, were religious.  While my Dad established a vast network of new friends spanning three social clubs not to mention new friends at church. There were no similar clubs for women.  So my mum poured herself into the roles she held in church, her new roles as Mother of the bride and then Grandma.

I quite enjoyed watching the fun side of my Mum when we were younger, so I wondered, how can I recreate that spark? Create an opportunity for her to enjoy herself again with old and new friends? This was the birth of Fabulous over 60. A weekly gathering of older women to share fun activities like seeing movies and plays, book club sessions, playing board games, painting, pottery, aerobics and anything else they enjoy.

We currently have a small group of women meeting in Ikeja environs. Our aspiration is to increase the number of women in that chapter as well as increase the number of enrolled women so we can have multiple chapters within a state and across the nation.

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