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Have you heard about Russia’s Beauty Taxis?

I’m only just hearing about it and to be honest not only am I impressed that the good people of Russia chose to actually implement such,

I suddenly am in solidarity with them because albeit not in existence in Nigeria,

every morning rush Uber I took to work in the year 2018 automatically was transformed into a Beauty Taxi by me…

Yes, it was a time-saving technique of mine which I don’t advise you to try if your hands aren’t steady enough to achieve perfect makeup on solid ground.

(Please don’t cry to me later saying that I encouraged you to do wack eyeliner in a shaky car.)

This action enabled me to get out of the house quickly and do my makeup during the commute.

Therefore I’m already very keen about the lifestyle and hence not surprised one bit.

That being said do I wish for it to become a norm in Nigeria?

Most definitely!


Why was the Beauty Taxi introduced?

The Beauty Taxi is like the modern-day Cinderella fairytale

This is the fairytale of a woman who is sometimes tired of household chores,

who steps into a carriage called THE BEAUTY TAXI

and is completely transformed on the way out.

Passengers can have their make-up done or even get a manicure in this mobile beauty salon.

Who founded it?

Natalya Mezentseva is the founder and chief operating officer.

She realised that Russian women are constantly under pressure

to always look their best, therefore, she came up with the beauty taxi

to enable them to save time and engage in self-care whilst on the go. 


Speaking to REUTER’s magazine, Natalya says;

Based on this need we came up with this idea which is especially relevant for Russia because we have very high standards for women’s beauty.

Some customers say it’s a great time saver for Moscow commuters who spend an average of 210 hours in traffic per day.

Well done Natalya, the economist in me loves the idea of time-saving and productivity and now,

I’m definitely going to add Russia to my bucket list, for both their Vodka and their Beauty Taxi.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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