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It is quite easy for ladies to mistake a booty call for love. You should know that there is more to a relationship than being naked in bed with your lover. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you must steer clear of guys who are termed f**k boys. These boys are only interested in sex and they might break your heart. Here are signs to identify these guys:

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He sends sexual and flirty messages 

The messages you regularly get from him is always sexual and flirty. It is all about sextexting and you never discuss anything meaningful besides sex.

His idea of entertainment is not watching a movie

He doesn’t take you to the cinema to watch movies. The only place that you frequent is his house and it is to open your legs for him.

The conversation turns sexual

Every time you talk, the conversation turns sexual. Before you know it, both of you are negotiating how to meet to have sex.

The only time you go to his house is when he is horny

You know that he does not call you to come cook for him or to keep him company. He only invites you to visit him when he wants to have sex. You have simply become his sex doll. The day you will not be available, he has other girls he will call to come over.

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He always hands you everything before you leave

He won’t allow you to forget anything in his house. Hence, if you forget anything he will surely hand it over to you. Clearly, he knows he will be in trouble if you forget your things in his house because other girls will find it.

He does not care about your emotional well-being

Your emotional wellbeing is not his concern. When you are ill, having issues with your lecturer or you do not enough money to settle an important bill, he does not care. He will not even call to check on you.

He always tries to initiate sex when you hang out

He cannot control himself. He is always horny. So, when you expect that both of you should be having a proper conversation, he wants a quickie or he is touching you at inappropriate places publicly, he is just there for the sex. He is that type who will brag to his friend that he slept with you.

His compliments are superficial 

You look hot… sexy… These are the words he uses to compliment you. He never says you look pretty, beautiful or gorgeous. He is just interested in sleeping with you.

Foreplay is over within seconds

He is barely interested in kissing and cuddling. That is why foreplay will be over within seconds before he gets down to the main thing.

Written By Damilola Faustino