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Ladies, this one is for you-

Every girl has that one guy they like but they can’t tell if the feeling is mutual. It can be very tiring when a guy acts like he is really interested in you, but then maybe not, but then wait was he looking at you, but then oh no he might have a girlfriend but hooray his facebook status is single but oh dear, he hasn’t spoken to you today and so on and so forth.

Today he shows up at your work place with takeout lunch for you and tomorrow he reads your WhatsApp message and takes forever to respond. How long can you really continue allowing this mystery guy to play hide and seek with your feelings? The fact that he seems interested doesn’t man he is into you, so stop making excuses for him. The truth is he is either into you or he is not. Here are sure ways to tell:

-He’s doesn’t ask about your life: And I don’t mean the regular how was your day kinda question.  People that like you tend to show a huge interest in your life, hobbies and all and love asking for information about you.. If he rarely asks about your life goals, career or whatever is important to you at the moment and there is no excitement when you tell him about it either then that’s a red flag.

-He doesn’t reveal himself to you: Once you like someone, consciously and unconsciously, you tell them things about you just so that they get to know you better because you see the potential for them to remain in your life. When he is not into you, he’ll only give away basic information that you can gather from his social media account. If he is interested in you and wishes to take thing a notch higher, he might not necessarily tell you about his deepest secret but he’ll share real information with you.

-He waits too long to reach out: Okay so he took you for a fancy date and after dropping you off at home he hasn’t called or text to say hi or anything? He sets your heart racing again by calling after two weeks to ask if you can meet him somewhere. There is a huge chance this guy is only reappearing when he needs you and isn’t really feeling you as much as you think. When a guy likes you, he’ll make the conscious effort to make sure you know he wants to see you again and he’ll keep in touch between dates. It’s hard to prevent yourself from reaching out when you like someone. And that’s a fact.

-He says he’s busy: It’s not rocket science, if someone likes you, no amount of work, stress or school will stop him from checking in on you. Again when he promises to call and doesn’t do so till a day or two past then it’s clearly shows he doesn’t consider you a priority.

-You’re not sure he’s interested: If you’re still googling whether he likes you or not, he probably doesn’t! When a guy is into you, it’s quite obvious and free of all hidden clues. Those mixed messages you think you’re getting are just clear pointers that he isn’t feeling you. Mystery and confusion has no place when a guy wants you to be his lady. Abeg free him and go find true love!


Images: pinkycloud.com

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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