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Recently, we’ve ourselves competing in our relationships to prove we care the least and are not dependent on the relationship or the other person. There is the need to slow down true feelings or even hide them in some situations just to prove a lack of care. Why though?

Some people claim they are just matching the other person’s energy. However, what do you benefit from a relationship where feelings cannot be expressed? On the other hand, there are people who just want to be seen as savage emotionless beings. There is also the fear of being ridiculed, which is understandable because it does happen. You hear someone crying about a break up and you blame him or her for caring too much.

As humans, shouldn’t we embrace all the emotions we feel and be free to express them? There shouldn’t be some unspoken battle where you aim to show you care the least. This is probably one of the reasons why relationships just aren’t working out for some of us. Some people are wired to care deeply but find themselves in relationships where they have to tone it down and show the person they actually don’t care that much.

The idea that the person who cares the least in a relationship is the stronger party is quite toxic. If you do not enjoy being disregarded and unvalued it is best to avoid these relationships. Stop competing with people who want to prove they do not care about you for a prize that actually benefits no one.

And for the other those who are unwilling to show others they care…


By: Oshoriame

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