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Sweat is the body’s natural coolant so you should be happy whenever you sweat.
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While sweat by itself has no smell, sweat quickly wears out its welcome once it mixes with the bacteria present on the body and begins to give a distinct smell. While an individual may periodically sweat when they become warm, certain situations can cause persistent and excessive sweat. So do not ignore the signs from your sweat:

Your blood sugar’s low

If your blood sugar drops too much, you could start to feel the effects. One important symptom to pay attention to is excessive sweating, especially at the back of your neck.  In the case of a mild dip, you can usually bring your levels up to normal by eating or drinking something.

You are stressed out

If you take a quick whiff of your armpits when no one is looking because you sense a stench coming on strong, you should consider your stress level. Sweat encouraged by stress is produced by apocrine glands which produce sweat that is mixed with fat, protein, and bacteria. It’s the recipe for a stinky mess so work on calming your nerves.

You might be pregnant

It’s pretty simple; anything that teases your endocrine system can encourage a sweaty mess. And while many think of the hot flashes and menopause connection, pregnancy can also be to blame!


Unstable hormone levels also cause hot flashes in pre-menopausal and women experiencing menopause. The endocrine works harder to cool down the body to cause excessive sweat.

Excess weight on the body forces the body to work harder. The extra weight causes the body to sweat during everyday tasks, and excessively during activities that require a level of exertion.

By Damilola Faustino

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