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For those on their fit fam wave or just trying to be plain healthy, overloading on carbs is branded as a big no no. We are encouraged to replace these with complex carbs such as brown rice and whole grain bread. As a country that holds white rice as a staple and a necessity it can be quite difficult to find an equally delicious yet healthy alternative.

Below are a list of healthy alternatives to white rice:

  1. Quinoa

As a super health food originating from south America, Quinoa is one of the most sought-after grains in the world. Its similar in texture to rice, however it is protein packed, with a high fibre content. It also has fewer calories than white rice and helps to lower cholesterol levels. It also helps to fill you up faster. Additionally, just like rice you can use it to make Quinoa jollof. Check out the link below on how to make it: http://afrofoodtv.com/recipes/coconut-jollof-quinoa/


  1. Bulgur wheat

This is also a whole wheat grain which is quite similar to quinoa in terms of size and shape. This Mediterranean grain is made from cracked wheat and packed with lots of fibre. The calories are also slightly lower than quinoa and rice. Bulgur is also known for its versatility as it can also be made into a delicious bowl of bulgur jollof or stir fried bulgur . See the link for a recipe: http://sisijemimah.com/2015/11/19/jollof-bulgur-recipe/


  1. Cabbage rice

Cabbage rice is what you would assume it is, which is essentially chopped cabbage in the shape of rice. It is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also significantly low in calories compared to bulgur wheat and quinoa.

  1. Barley

This super food is high in fibre and other various nutrients. It helps to control your blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. Studies also indicate it can reduce high blood pressure. Also like the rest of its sister grains it is significantly low in calories with greater satiety.



By Adunola Ogunbanjo

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