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By Damilola Faustino

One of the most vital components to creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship is setting boundaries. They are what set the space between where you end and the other person begins. Depending on your upbringing and past experiences, setting boundaries in relationships may be easier or more difficult for you. Whatever the case may be, you must know the boundaries to set in your relationship. Here are some of them:


What you can call each other

This boundary comes down to respect, and it’s all about personal preference. Some lovers can playfully call each other their names or pet names. For others, there are certain statements that are off limits. Talk to your partner to make sure there are no trigger words or phrases that make them feel bad.

How you will settle disagreements

How you will fight or settle disagreements is probably one of the most important boundaries you can set in a relationship. If one partner needs space when they’re upset, that’s an important boundary to acknowledge. You need to work together to determine what is an appropriate way for you both to deal with your anger, and how you’ll treat each other when you’re angry. You also need to establish what each partner needs when they’re sad, frustrated.

When you get ‘me’ time

No matter how close you are, you’ll both eventually need your space. Not only will you need alone time, but you’ll need solo time with your friends and families. If you don’t set up these boundaries in your relationship, you’ll not only cause problems in your relationship but in the relationships, you have with your family and friends.

How you act on social media

You might be happy to post all the details of your romance online, but your partner might not. And it could just be a matter of having co-workers and family members on social media that your partner doesn’t want to be involved in your private lives. Or, you could both be all about sharing. Or maybe you don’t like the idea of your partner chatting with exes online. The point is, you need to share your feelings and respect those digital boundaries.

What you share with each other

Maybe you have joint finances and you want your partner to know your ATM pin and your online banking passwords. Or maybe the idea of your partner (or anyone) knowing your passwords makes you uncomfortable. What you share is an important boundary, because if you don’t set it, you could end up feeling violated.

How regular you will communicate

Maybe you’re the type of person who loves getting texts and calls throughout the day. Or maybe you just want to be left alone while you’re at work, or out with your friends. This is often one of the first boundaries couples establish a relationship.

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