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Washing your face seems like the easiest task ever, right? You should know that you might have been doing it wrongly. Have you ever noticed that you follow a beauty regime to the minutest details and sometimes nothing changes? Well, you might be doing the right thing in the wrong way. Let’s start simple and tell you the best ways to wash your face daily:

African American woman washing face --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez/Blend Images/Corbis

Keep it simple: Most times less is more. When you are taking off your makeup at the end of the day, cleanser is key. However, you should use the simplest kind that will take of the dirt, oil and germs. The gentlest of cleanser will make your face clean and not irritated.

Don’t be obsessive: You should know that it is okay sometimes to skip a day of washing your face. This doesn’t mean that you should let makeup sleep on your face over the night though. Feeling tired after a day of work? Use a cleanser and you are good for bed.

washing your face2

Warm is not always good: It might be a cold day but warm water strips the face of the healthy natural oils too quickly. Yes, that’s right, some oil on the face is necessary. Feel free to splash a bit of cold water on your face while washing, to protect the natural oil.

Exfoliate sparingly: Exfoliation is good to remove the dead skin cells no doubt.
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There can actually be a thing like excess exfoliation and that is definitely not good for the skin. It leaves it exposed and irritated. Hence, exfoliate ‘gently’ at most twice a week.

Pat your face dry: when you are done washing your face, don’t be in a hurry and then dry your face with a dirty cloth or used towel. Have a soft cloth for just your face. Pat it dry gently leaving a little water for when you moisturize to seal the deal.

washing your face3

Watch your eyes: Your eyes are very sensitive. Don’t splash water in your open eyes just to wake yourself in the morning. Keep in mind that you have to use gentle eye makeup remover and not soap or face cleanser.

Comment below to share the face washing regime that works for you. For more beauty tips stay on our accelerate fashion page.

Written by Theresa Ogochukwu

Images: askonyeka.com, webmd.com

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