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There are tons of foods that you eat daily you think has low sugar content but this is not always the case. They have way more sugar than you think. The only advantage is that they are sugars and can easily be broken down. Regardless, it doesn’t downplay the risks of consuming too much sugar, including liver disease, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. To this end, here are some healthy foods that have more sugar than you think.


When it comes to sugar, yoghurt can pack so much. Some kinds even have more sugar, and low fat and flavoured brands, in particular, might contain as much as 29 grams of sugar per serving. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to kick yoghurt out of your diets though. When shopping for it, avoid flavoured or low-fat varieties, as those tend to have more sugar than plain yoghurt.


Sprinkling granola over that plain yoghurt can actually add back in the sugar you avoided by swapping out flavours for the original. One-half cup can cost you more than 12 grams. Plain, unflavoured granola bars are better, but not great, still clocking in at six grams. If you’re really craving crunch, replace the granola with a protein-rich nut, like a handful of almonds.

Salad dressing

Salad itself may be good for you, as long as it’s stuffed with a variety of veggies, but it’s what you drizzle on top that adds a surplus of sugar. And the seemingly healthy “low-fat” option is often the worst choice, as the fat that gets cut out is often replaced with sugar.


While it’s not necessarily a health food, adding a dash of ketchup to your meal isn’t as harmless as you may think. Just one tablespoon of the condiment contains a teaspoon of sugar. That’s one-sixth of your allotted daily amount.

Sports drinks and fruit Juice

Think twice before hydrating with a sports drink after a gruelling workout. Just one drink can pack five teaspoons of sugar. Orange juice is even worse, containing 10 teaspoons, the same as a can of soda. Skip the sugar altogether by quenching your thirst with water next time you hit the gym. If you’re not willing to give up juice, adding water to drive down natural sugar by 50 per cent and give it some fizz.

By: Damilola Faustino

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