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Oh Christian Louboutin. How we love those red soles. It’s almost every girl’s dream to have one. The shoe visionary brand has branched into the perfume path and they just left us in awe. Being as extraordinary as they are, it was only inevitable that they would decide to branch out and add perfume to their brand. Louboutin being Louboutin, they did not follow the norm of one fragrance release but three.


The three scents don’t come together as a package deal. This was quite ingenious of the brand because odds are you would love at least one. The thing is just one scent costs £215. Excuse us for a moment as we cry in the corner while trying to figure out what that is in naira.

In creating the perfume, Christian explains that “I want you to experience the fragrance in the same way as you experience a piano note being played. So there is the ‘ping’, the first burst of the scent like the striking of the piano key, followed by a beautiful resonance as the note echoes its sound. There is one present moment, and then there is the trace, le sillage, I think of it as its memory.

He sounds so poetic right? But, full disclosure, you don’t actually hear  a piano when you spray it.


The packaging is amazing; those bottles look nice. Like when the perfume is finished, they are the kind of bottles that you can’t ever bring yourself to toss out.

What do they smell like? There’s Bikini Questra Sera, Trouble in Heaven and Tornade Blonde.   According to Elle magazine, Bikini Questra Sera ‘is a rich and creamy interpretation of amber; Trouble in Heaven is a musky, sexy blend of patchouli and tonka absolut, and then finally there’s Tornade Blonde – a rose based scent personalised with cassis and sweet violet’.


Maybe they all smell heavenly but with that price tag, we’re not so sure? There are bigger luxury perfume brands for way less and yes, Louboutin is amazing but really and truly, what makes these special? Do you think you can spend that much on a bottle of perfume? Let us know.

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