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It was a heartbreaking day in Ikoyi as government officials marched down on Rumens Road this morning and leveled several buildings. Several small businesses including the recently opened Nuli Juice were forced to watch as their buildings were torn to the ground.


nuli juice destroyed site


It is unclear exactly what happened as some reports say that the landlord, who owned multiple buildings on that street, did not pay the rent and owed the government while some others say that there was a certain government regulation no one was aware of and therefore did not adhere to that led to the destruction. One thing that is sure is that the whole ordeal is terribly unfair. Nuli Juice, Nuts About Cake (who also had a store destroyed) and various other sympathizers (including popular fashion designer, Maki Oh) took to Instagram to share their dismay.


nuli juice instagram nuts about cake instagram nuli picture of destroyed site

Our hearts go out to the numerous business owners and employees who have had to deal with this completely unjustified setback.

Images: Instagram @makioh, @nulijuice, @nutsaboutcake