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I am devasted. I am a wreck. I am in deep pain and I am weeping right now because my heart has just been shattered into unpickable pieces of glass. The relationship started back in primary school. We were in Form 3 and as luck would have it, we were paired together for a class game. I couldn’t have asked for another person.

Chidima… Oh, my Chidima… She was intelligent, ebony with smooth skin and extremely talented. She was everything I wanted in a woman-fine gal no pimples, with two cute dimples. I know what you are thinking… See this small boy…

They say love is blind and it can hit you at any time. I was secretly in love with Chidima but I was too timid to tell her. Despite this, from the way she interacted with me, I knew she felt the same way.

Who wouldn’t like the finest boy in school and the head boy?  I finally summoned the courage to woo her when we were in secondary school. Although we didn’t attend the same secondary school, her home was just a stone throw from mine.

The wooing was not difficult as she accepted by giving me a romantic kiss on my forehead. That moment, my heart melted and exploded in excitement, I blushed like a baby and she became the most important person in my like.

In SS 3, Chidima gave me her most priced possession-her virginity-and I took it with all the love and warmth in my heart. We promised each other that we will love each other forever. In Chidima, I saw my wife.

I am smiling hysterically as I remember the day Chidima was leaving for the University of Nigeria, Nsuka. I curse that day every time I remember… Chidima why… But you promised me that I will be your one and only. Anyways, Chidima left to study fine arts at Nsuka while I got admitted into the University of Lagos.

At Unilag, no single girl got my attention despite the bevvy of girls at my disposal. Morning, afternoon and night, it was Chidima. Unknown to me Nsuka had changed Chidima. She was distant and never looked forward to talking to me.

She gave one excuse or the other just not to have a conversation with me. She even stopped telling me when she returns home because she doesn’t want to see me.

Chidima the grown-up was intimidating. She had grown so beautiful and robust that I felt I couldn’t just handle her. I kicked this thought out of my head because no matter how grown up she was, she was still my baby. I was deceiving myself. We graduated from University, went for service and started working.

During this period, Chidima did return to her senses and our love blossomed again. But that was a cover up. Chidima played this game so well that I never suspected that she was cheating on me with the man she wants to marry.

When I saw the invitation card, I thought I was dreaming. This cannot be my Chidima… The love of my life… My one and only…. I was speechless, I was suicidal, I felt empty and I didn’t know when I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I found myself in the hospital bed recuperating and asked for Chidima but she was nowhere around.

I wept like a baby… Heartbroken . I asked myself–How will I survive without Chidima? It’s Chidima or no one else… How will I get my Chidima back? Somebody help!

Sigh… Who will bring back my Chidima?

please note that this story is fictional

By: Damilola Faustino

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