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By Damilola Faustino

Eating out is an occasional indulgence for some, while for others it is a lifestyle. Either way, moderate portions and careful choices can help make restaurant meals fit into an overall healthy-eating plan. Follow these helpful tips to eat your best even when dining out:


Keep hunger under control

You are likely to eat more if you dine out on an empty stomach. As such, don’t skip a meal on the day you’re going out to eat. Have a light, nutritious snack such as a piece of fruit or a glass of fat-free milk an hour before your meal to avoid eating too much.

Order beverages with little or no calories

Water is the best beverage you can order when you dine out because it’s healthy, filling and has no calories. For a hot drink, try black decaf coffee or hot tea, without sugar. As for alcohol, be careful as it can make you eat more.

Go to restaurants that offer a variety

You should choose a restaurant that offers a wide selection of foods and fresh, low-fat options. Better still, you can check out restaurants online that offer a variety of meals.

Have a plan for buffet

Due to the fact that it is a buffet, some people take more than they can consume. Don’t be tempted to overfill your plate just to get your money’s worth. Instead, survey the entire buffet line and choose the healthiest options.

Do not forget your table etiquette

You should not throw away your manners when you dine out. One of such manners is to eat slowly for better digestion. You’ll feel full before overeating. Also, never gulp your food; chew thoroughly instead.

Image by © Rolf Bruderer/Blend Images/Corbis

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