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Let me start by answering my own question-yes there is hope. So calm down!! Another year another Hennessy VS-Class Cypher, which is a good thing for core fans of hip hop in Nigeria who support the art, by the local MCs.

2016s cyphers are in swing and the first piece out features;

  • Female MC KEL
  • Lyrical hitman Mr Mark’N
  • Naija Titan Terry Tha Rapman
  • One Hit (not sure about wonder) Flow master Godwon
  • Nigeria’s best most underated genius Overdose

How did they fare in delivery and bars? Let’s chop it up.



  • Flowed in sync with the instrumentals.
  • Delivery was not punch packing, but suffices for a cypher.

Notable Bar

Watching my dough rise, oh yeah I put some yeast

making hits and headlines, thats just to say the least

Best thing about the verse– Her Rhythm


Mr Mark’N


  • Started off with an intro probably inspired by Jay Z’s sign in line on Kanye West’s ”So Appalled”

JayZ- How should i begin this…i’m just so offended

Mark’N- How do i define this, freestyle at its finest

  • Had multiple punchlines, but clarity of words was a bit of a problem

Notable bar

live for  what we die for,dropping sweet sixteens like  4 by 4s

do the math that’s another sixteen, you go against me you’re getting wiped like the windscreen.

Best thing about the verse– Wordplay


Terry Tha Rapman


  • Most topically diverse performance of the cypher. He did not just do the typical hiphop braggadocio verse that cyphers are riddled with.
  • The delivery and tone of voice packed more punch than the actual bars.
  • Also did a JayZ inspired scheme

JayZ- Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking 

Terry- Somewhere in Nigeria, Sarah Offili dey twerk.

Notable Bar

Spitting those corny punchlines like they’re great

Put some glue in his throne that ought to put him in his place.

Best thing about the verse– Verbal force




  • Flowed effortlessly (almost lazily)
  • Most witty verse of the cypher (He apparently has the same plan for Linda Ikeji and Tonto Dikeh)

Notable Bar

Any beef, all of my men will ride

kill your African ass, Shaka Zulu, its genocide

Best thing about the verse– Sweet flow, and wit




  • Went acapella. Flowed to no beat
  • Came with a hard hitting tone (sounded like a battle with himself)
  • Is personally hurt by the state of rap music

Notable Bar

I should get a standing ovation,

i’ m in a class of my own, special occasion!

Best thing about the verse– It is OVERDOSE!!!

Watch full clip below from Hennessy Nigeria.