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Whether you are visiting Lagos for the first time or not, one thing that is prominent in the city is the yellow transport buses popularly called ‘Danfo’.


These Danfos have become a major feature in Lagos because it is one of the cheapest means of commuting around the centre of excellence. On-demand transport services are on the high side. Oftentimes, these danfos are rickety, unkempt and quite a lot of shenanigans take place on them.

First-timers would be awed while others who frequent them can only hope to arrive at their bus stops and alight.

At the same time, you would find all kinds of people on them. To this end, we share the kinds of people you would find when you board a Lagos Danfo.

The sleeper

This one is very annoying. You are sitting on your own as a gentleman and someone beside you converts your shoulder to a pillow. Oga carry your head… Did I send you not to sleep in your house? What about the ones that nod their heads like agama lizard?

The Comedian

Not minding if his/her jokes are cracking people up or not, the Comedian always tries to make passengers laugh. Their terrible attempt is further fuelled when you pay them no attention. If you are unfortunate, you sit beside them; they would either force you to laugh by striking a conversation with you or by touching you.

The Talkative/Parrot

The talkative/parrot cannot resist the urge to talk. Some will talk and won’t know that the bus has arrived and driven past their bus stop. They delve into all sorts of topics arguing and shouting at the top of their voice. They act as if they are the only ones on the bus.

The music player

Danfo bus music players behave as if they have 24 hours light in their houses. They don’t have light and they use I better pass my neighbour but they still enter bus and play music. Who send you to play music? Who wants to listen to your music? I beg arrange yourself, plug earpiece and listen to your music alone. One finds it difficult to understand the rationale for playing music on a public bus. If you do it… Yes, you… Stopet!

The fighter

I beg Sister shift… Conductor, please give me my change…driver I beg drive easy… These are some of the reasons some passengers fight on buses. Although this is not good, some cannot just help it. But there are others who are easily provoked and before you know it, they are fighting. Dey be Hulk Hogan or Anthony Joshua for inside Danfo…at least get shame… Shior!