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Looking gorgeous is hardly something many want to give up these days. We love putting on a good face and looking our best. But looking our best can also take a toll on your delicate skin. If you’re caking on the makeup every day, it may have more negative effects than you think. Check out these really nice things that happen when you give your face a break from the makeup periodically.

Your pores will shrink

Makeup might make you look good, but it can take a toll on your pores, opening them up and exposing them to toxins in the environment. Give your face a break, let your pores breathe, and watch them shrink within a few days.

You’ll suffer from fewer breakouts

Smaller pores mean less chance for toxins to enter your skin, meaning a cleaner face and fewer breakouts. Keeping makeup off your face will also help your face go through its natural cleansing process, leading to fewer breakouts and a happier face.

You’ll suffer from fewer eye infections

Did you really think that your mascara was good for your eyes? Whether you’re using liquid eyeliner, mascara, or something else, none of it is exactly healthy for your eyes. Add in the risk of scratching your cornea with applicators, and sometimes you’re better off putting nothing on at all.

Your skin will be less dry

The chemicals used to create makeup can lead to a face that’s dry and flaky. Skip out on your makeup for a few days and let your skin hydrate itself again.

You’ll be healthier overall

Makeup isn’t without its toxins. Going makeup-free can help lower your blood pressure, increase your fertility, and lead to a happier you. So give it a try.

You’ll have fewer allergic reactions

Makeup isn’t hypoallergenic for everyone. We’re all a little bit sensitive to the compounds used in makeup, meaning a break from it can be the best remedy for pesky skin issues.

By: Damilola Faustino

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