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Everyone has those moments where concentration and focus are just difficult. But, the ability to concentrate and focus for a long span of time can have a lot of benefits — if you’re absorbing large amounts of information, knocking an intensive work task out of the park, or pulling a four-hour stretch on a single project, chances are that you’re using your focusing skills to do just that. But what about those days where all the words on your screen seem to blur together and you cannot focus? What will you do? Here are some actions to take to help you concentrate.

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Notice where & when you lose focus

The first step in the journey to better concentration is to identify when you’re not focusing and why. It all begins with being self-aware of what you’re thinking. If you’re not focusing, and you’re aware of that, then you have an opportunity to change that pattern of thinking.

Stop multi-tasking

You may find pride in the fact that you can do 15 things at once, but this isn’t actually helping your overall focus levels. In fact, it’s damaging them. The brain cannot do multiple things at the same time. It switches rapidly between them. Your attention doesn’t hold multiple ideas simultaneously; it looks at each of the tasks in turn, and that means your overall focus levels aren’t operating at 100%.

Get enough sleep

One of the best ways to concentrate and focus is to get enough sleep. People with insomnia, often don’t realize how serious that might affect their attention and concentration. Anything that you would do to improve your physical performance will help. If you’re having sleep issues and solutions like improving your sleep hygiene aren’t working, you should see a professional.

Change your lifestyle

While what you eat can’t transform the way you think, certain food choices can make concentration easier in some people. There are a variety of different foods with reputations for improving concentration and cognitive function. Walnuts, contain healthy fats that support good brain function as you age while blueberries have been shown to promote learning, memory and cognitive function, particularly in older people.

Stop everything that worsens the situation

If you’re experiencing difficulties with concentration, you need to look at the task you’re doing at the time and assess your feelings about it. Do you want to do it? Is it absorbing? Is it so difficult, can you put it off? If yes, accelerate motivation for attending to it and getting it done.

Use tech to block out distractions

Being surrounded by technology can help us, but it can also hinder focus. If you’re trying not to multitask, and want to block out external distractions, you’ll need to be proactive. The number one thing that distracts people right now is their phone. Using airplane mode or a do not disturb function on your phone, and limiting your distraction time on the internet, can be very helpful for your focus.

By Damilola Faustino

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