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Written By Damilola Faustino

The process of peeling an egg is not something certain people look forward to. For the eggs peeled by such people, you won’t want to taste it because it is very ugly. That means your effort is wasted. The act of peeling eggs should be fun. After reading this, you will become an egg peeling expert!

Begin hot, finish cold

This is when you allow the water to reach the boiling point before carefully dropping the eggs in the cooking water. And when the egg is well cooked, you relocate to warm water. You should not start cold and finish cold. This is because adding eggs directly to hot water helps them cook faster and keeps the egg whites from reaching too high a temperature. This will make it difficult for it to stick to the shell.

Boil eggs with baking soda

You drop a bit of Baking Soda which is alkaline in the cooking water. This action will raise its Potential of Hydrogen (pH)- this is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution  This in-turn raises the pH of the egg thus making it easier to peel.

Roll it one-hand 

Another trick for peeling an egg is gently rolling it on any clean hard surface with your palm. As you do this, the shell will crack. Then, you can peel effortlessly.

Shake the egg in a glass of water

Again you have to carefully shake the egg in a glass of water from left to right until the shell is reasonably cracked. At this stage, you can remove the egg and complete the peeling with your fingers.

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