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Many ladies derive pleasure in the click-clack sound of their high-heels as they walk around. High-heels are undeniably classy and professional, and they invite admirations from onlookers.
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However, they can be annoying, especially if you’re working in highly conservative corporate places where silence is a priority. Here are tips to help you make your heels quieter:


Sprinkle baby powder

Noisy heels can be a result of moisture that gets trapped where shoes rub against each other. So, shaking a bit of baby (or talcum) powder under the inner sole will help absorb the moisture. If your pair of shoes does not have removable soles, add the powder around the inside sole instead.

Add petroleum jelly

As the insole of the heels rub against the inside of the shoe, it may cause a squeaking sound. To stop this from happening, spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly or lotion under the insole to help the parts rub against each other more smoothly.

Throw in the dryer

Using a sponge or washcloth, add a little bit of fabric softener, then toss the sponge, along with your noisy heels into the dryer. Just be sure not to leave them in for more than 10 minutes, or they may shrink.

Soften your soles

Soles may harden after some time making them prone to noise. So, if this is the case, use sandpaper to rub down the bottom of your noisy heels, softening them up.

Fix loose heels

Take a moment to examine your noisy shoes and see if there’s a gap near your heels. Once you’ve located the spot, put some superglue in the seam around the heel then hold it together or use a clamp to keep it tight until the glue dries.
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