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When it comes to date ideas, the typical Nigerian has three- going to the movies, going for drinks or eating out. It gets pretty boring after a while, repeating the same idea over and over again. So, let’s save you the stress of having to go for yet another dinner. Take a look at a few fun date ideas you should definitely be trying out:

-Meet up at a certain place and go for a Saturday morning run- nothing is more beautiful than partners sweating out calories together.

-Take a class together. It can be fitness, cooking, painting or just about any other thing you both like.

-If you have the same taste in music, then have fun fanning together in a concert by your favorite artist.

-Instead of the usual girl shop and boy pays, shop for each other based on specified amounts of money that should not be exceeded.

-Go for a long drive on a route you both are not used to and discover new sights and places.

-Unleash the inner child in you at the amusement park and see who is more afraid of the roller coaster.

-Compile a list of funny YouTube videos, download and watch together.

-Play any board or card game you both like and whoever loses gets to serve the other partner for an entire day!

-Go ice cream scavenging together. Visit different ice cream shops and try out new flavors at each shop.

-Go for an open mic event and give your partner the pleasure of sitting back and watching you present your poetry or song.

-Pick a TV series and spend a weekend all curled up together, watching stuff.

-Choose a creative DIY project, go craft shopping together and make stuff for each other.

-You’re probably used to lunch and dinner date but how about a breakfast date? Strange right? Well, that’s the idea!

Basically, the idea is to think outside the box! Do you guys have any alternative date ideas? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Treasure Asanammy

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