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So we asked people who are currently stuck at home with their parents a couple of questions on how they’ve been surviving and this is what they had to say.

By the way, this article is divided into two parts, click here to read the first part

What’s one thing that you’ve realized about a family member during this lockdown that you don’t know before?


Oretha: My dad knows how to braid hair, he helped my mom with her cornrows this past weekend and it was the cutest thing to watch

Ladun: I recently discovered my dad was a chocolate addict. This is paired with the fact that my dad insults the rest of us because we eat too much junk food. Just yesterday we bought 5 bars of chocolate, and by this evening there was only one left. Honestly Imagine the hypocrisy.

Olisa: My family would be boring without my sister

Deolu: One thing I’ve realized is me and my sister Taiye have the same character. We are both nonchalant about stuff, both lazy and we both value our personal space a lot.

Michael: my Sister can make hair

Anonymous: Hmmm I don’t think I’ve realized anything new.

Anonymous 2: My siblings take life too seriously sometimes, they just need a little ginger to play childlike games sometimes. Oh and my brother doesn’t chew rice, indomie or spaghetti, he swallows it. So weird

Adeola: My mother is crazy good at her job, like really good. I know this from listening to her speak in her various zoom meetings. I would love to be that type of manager someday.

What’s an argument that you recently had with a family member at home?


Oretha: So last week, my dad showed I and my brothers a video of a Brazilian lady doing football tricks and my brother kept saying she definitely doesn’t know how to play proper soccer, and I disagreed. We argued about it for close to an hour until we both got tired and decided it totally wasn’t worth it. This woman is somewhere in Brazil relaxing in her house and I’m here drinking panadol on top another person headache

Ladun: So my dad HATES my sleeping cap and I mean despises it. Obviously to the point where he confronted me about it and told me to stop wearing it because it irritated him. Every day he tells me that I look like a peaky blinders gangster. Eventually, I retort and it becomes a back and forth thing. Not really a full-blown argument but it goes on for a while.

Olisa: We rarely fight, we just have a lot of banter

Deolu: We argue a lot in this house and it most times turns to fight but I think the silliest we’ve had is why must we have devotion for more than 15 minutes?? Well, my siblings and I were against our parents and we won. The best thing to ever happen this lockdown lol

Michael: we never argue

Anonymous: Hmmm uhhmm we had an argument about a WhatsApp broadcast saying that ginger, onions and some other things like that is the cure to coronavirus

Anonymous 2: For the quarantine Olympics, we had arguments about the scoring system, we even had to draw up a contract so we all followed the rules hahaha

Adeola: My little sister told me that she read somewhere that we are going to be in isolation until 2022 and I took it personally and changed it for her because likes to spread fake news about coronavirus all time and it irritates me.


By: Dammy Eneli

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