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This article is a bit long so we divided it into two parts, the second part comes out tomorrow morning. 

So we asked people who are currently stuck at home with their parents a couple of questions on how they’ve been surviving and this is what they had to say:



How has it been being stuck at home with your parents and/or sibling(s) for almost 4 weeks?

family meme

Oretha: It’s been a while since my entire family was in the same place at the same time for this long, so it’s nice and I’m thankful for it, but omo it honestly gets tiring. I thought It was just going to be for a week or two max. Now it’s almost a month, stuck in the same house, seeing the same faces every day. I love my parents and my brothers. But I want to leave this house

Ladun: To be honest it’s been quite calm. I get along with my mum anyway because we’re close and my dad is usually in his study/office doing some work, so everyone is usually doing their own thing. My brother, however, is stuck abroad which, fortunately for me means I don’t have to fight anyone for eating my snacks.

Olisa: It’s been a good experience so far. The first two weeks were fast-paced with lots of games and banter and fun. The last days have slowed down a bit as we’ve kind of accepted that this lockdown is here to stay.

Deolu: Trust me it has been a movie. A movie director can use our story in this family to make an award-winning movie. It is has been fun, annoying, stressful, sweet and frustrating

Michael: Tiring

Anonymous: It’s been bittersweet tbh, mostly sweet.

Anonymous 2: It’s been a lot of fun! We’ve played a lot of games together (monopoly, card games, Quarantine Olympics, sing off/idols)

Adeola: It’s been bittersweet. Sweet because I’ve been bonding with my family. Bitter because my siblings are getting on my last nerves and I’ll soon lock them up in the storage closet.

What’s one thing that’s frustrating you the most about living with family?

family fighting gif

Oretha: The cooking. My family does not realize that sometimes I don’t want to cook, sometimes I want someone to cook for me too.  Sometimes I want to be the one to scream we are hungry o. I love cooking but abeg I’m tired

Olisa: Not having my freedom

Deolu: I think the one thing, in this case, is a person, my dad. Bruh he’s just everywhere! He wants to make sure everybody is busy doing something and I’m just like “Mr. Man let us rest.”

Michael: Not being able to see my girl

Anonymous: Having to cook for them every day,  and somebody cannot even sleep in this house or press phone.

Anonymous 2: That if I was living alone, I would have spent the lockdown in my boyfriend’s house

Adeola: My mother!!! This woman sens me on errands too many times a day. She once sent me on an errand while I was in the middle of a zoom meeting…she knew I was in a meeting, and she knew I wasn’t on mute. Imagine the embarrassment I felt when my colleagues laughed after they heard “Adeola go and check if the rice is ready, I’m hungry”


What’s one thing that you’ve loved about being stuck at home with the family?

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Oretha: I’ve honestly enjoyed the conversations we’ve had as a family, my dad definitely has fun reliving his youth with us and telling us about how he survived the Civil war even though he has told us the story a million times, but I honestly love it

Ladun: I like the fact that we get to have more family dinners (almost a different dish every day), binge new Netflix series, and actually have conversations about what’s going on in Nigeria.

Olisa:  The dancing and the games!!!! I love the games!

Deolu: It is the food!!! Yo, I eat a lot now. There’s always food and not just any food, good food. I eat at least 5 times a day now. It’s a miracle I haven’t added weight

Michael: free food

Anonymous: We actually laugh every day. There is something to laugh about. Either someone speaking wrong English or laughing at a video we watched. Also, we are a singing family, so we sing and pray every day. So It’s sweet.

Anonymous 2: All the games and arguments. I almost drowned in one of the games lmao

Adeola: Learning how to play Fortnite with my brother, we’ve bonded so much over that

By: Dammy Eneli

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