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So one thing I said I was gonna start doing during this lockdown is speaking to everyday people and finding out how they are handling COVID-19 and the whole lockdown situation. The first group of people I’m starting with, are the ones who live alone.

I know that my family can be a handful sometimes but I’d choose that any day and anytime over living alone without having the option to leave my house. I would actually run mad, no jokes.  But that’s just me. How are people who are actually living alone, dealing with the situation?

To get my answer, I had a conversation with a photographer called Fola Stag recently. Here’s what he had to say about how he’s dealing with the situation:

Fola Stag


How Has the lockdown affected you financially, are you saving more or spending more?

I spend way more money now, and because I’m a freelance photographer, not a lot of money is coming in right now. So this lockdown is doing a lot of damage to my finances.


What are the things that you’re currently spending a lot of money on due to this lockdown? 

Food and Data. Mostly food because I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for my food photography.

Fola Stag Photographer


What about light, are you spending money on buying fuel for the generator?

Light in my area has been excellent surprisingly. We always sleep with light.


How do you feel about the lockdown being extended?

Well as much as I expected it and I was prepared to be at home for at least another month, I’m still heartbroken. Because honestly, I need to get out of this space.


Does it get lonely living alone for this long or are you enjoying your own company?

I enjoy spending time alone but not for this long, so yeah it gets lonely at times.  I’ve been at home for almost three weeks and right now I just want to see people and have conversations with them in person. Being all alone for this long has made me miss physical contact.


If you had the opportunity would you have chosen to spend this lockdown with “someone”? You know what I mean by someone.

Yeah definitely, someone I can give booty rubs to.


LOL of course

Lmao don’t judge me


Hahaha I’m definitely not judging you.  Asides cooking, what else have you been doing a lot during this lockdown?

I’ve been reading, working on new ideas for my photography, planning and getting in touch with old friends.


What’s one thing you’re tired of doing?



What’s the first thing you’ll do after COVID-19?

I’ll stay indoors for one more week to avoid all the rush from everyone going out.


Are you sure you’ll be able to stay home for one week knowing everyone is outside?

I’ve been able to stay at home for four weeks, I can survive one extra week.


Well thank you so much Fola for answering my questions.  I hope that you come out of this stronger. I can’t imagine how it is living all alone in these times, I wish you all the best. 

So asides Fola, I and my friend Yimika asked people on  Twitter who are currently living alone during these corona times how it has affected them and how they were handling the situation and these were their responses:

By: Dammy Eneli

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