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Having to miss a great party because your heels are killing you is the most annoying thing that can happen- even more annoying than a spilt drink paid for by yourself. So how do you pass the endurance test that are shoes like these? Even though they make perfectly lovely evening flats and going out vans low-tops are more fun anyways because then you can jump playground fences at 4 a.m to get the swings, heels are always the best go to.




The key is prevention, which means you definitely cannot expect to roll up in a pair of new fur-trimmed sandals and stay upright and blister-free past the second time they play ‘This is What You Came For’.




The best advice I can give is to wear new shoes at home for short periods of time before wearing them out all night. This gives you the chance to notice any sensitive spots and also allows the shoes to give a little bit. It is not advisable for you to break in shoes in the club house. Plus if you do have sensitive spots, pad them with moleskin or band-aids.

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