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Written By Damilola Faustino

Imagine drinking with your friends and after just a few bottles, you are already tipsy and drunk. You will be the joke of the evening, because while your friends are still drinking, you are already saying jargons. Of course, you will be conscious of how you drink next time. In other cases, you may quit hanging out with your friends. Here are reasons why you get drunk quickly:


You eat low-fat foods

Foods with a higher fat content take more time to digest and can slow the speed at which your body absorbs the alcohol. Eat foods like Avocados, Cheese, Chocolate and Eggs whenever you are on a drinking voyage with friends.

You love the taste of your beer

When you want a drink, just a small taste of it can trigger your desire to drink more.  Obviously, the more you drink, the likely you will get drunk.

You drink when you are hungry 

Downing alcohol on an empty stomach makes you intoxicated faster. It is even not good for your health. Whenever you want to binge, eat good food before you do so.

You’re getting older

The older you get, the more easily you become tipsy. This is due to the physical changes your body is undergoing. Your body will be unable to soak up the alcohol.

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