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Written By Damilola Faustino

You love him like kilode. He is your one and only. He knows you truly love him, however, he acts as if he does not really care. You don’t even know where he stands anymore. Don’t give up yet, because he might actually care; but his insecurity is holding him back. This is why he is probably acting this way. Here’s how to know your man is insecure and deal with it:

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He questions your love all the time

Every time you have an argument, he accuses you of not loving him. In this case, deep down, he knows that you love him. But, he is trying to validate the love and affection you both share.

He never forgets anything

Your boyfriend never forgets anything. He has a compendium of all the good and bad things you have done. Immediately you offend or do something wrong, he starts referencing them. This can be very annoying. If you do this as a guy, please stop.

He wants to know about every conversation you have online & offline

You receive a call, he asks who is that? You get a text or WhatsApp message, he questions you. For how long will this continue? Just trust her and relax. You may lose her if you continue asking such questions.

He assumes everything

Assumptions are most times wrong. Assumptions can destroy relationships. For example, you planned a date and she has not said she is not coming. However, you tell her that I know you will not come. How do you know that she won’t come?

He is jealous when you spend too much time with your friends

Before you met, you had enough time to hang out and talk to friends. This doesn’t mean that because you are in a relationship, you should abandon them. This is not possible because your boyfriend is always jealous when you talk to them. It makes no difference to him if you are talking to a boy or girl.

Always suspicious of your actions

When you tell him I’m going home. At that moment, all sorts of thoughts will flow into is mind. He begins to question himself are you really going home or you are going to a party. If he cannot deal with his thoughts, he will spit it out and it will appear he does not trust you.

He overthinks issues

You tell him A, his mind is already thinking A, B, C, D, E… He gives different kinds of meanings to what you said. Even what you never imagined he would think about, he would. For this kind of people, you need to make things very clear to them so that they do not put on their over thinking cap.

If your boyfriend is insecure, he does actually love you. But he has to deal with his insecurities and as his partner, it is your duty to support him as he goes through this phase.

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