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Some Cognacs are exclusively for party boys and young boisterous girls. While some……are for the creative geniuses & younger winners. And that….ladies and gentlemen…is the Martell essence.


Martell was founded in the year 1715 in France and in taste, its got a wooden note, with a brisk pepper spice finish, and white ash fade. (You don’t even have to know what that means, just make sure you say it with swag while holding your glass, if need be)


Down here in Nigeria, some of Martell’s ambassadors include selected individuals who channel the prestigious aura of this French Cognac, and some of them include M.I Abaga and Burna Boy.



This Christmas, Accelerate TV will be giving out a bottle of Martell (yes we are friends with them…..cool kids gang) to one of you friends and followers, because we want you to get a feel of the power that comes with every sip. Get ready for redefined luxury. #DrinkResponsibly.

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