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What with all the lights and trees and gifts and Christmas movies, it’s often easy to forget that Christmas is actually a celebration of the birth of Jesus. I was about to go read the story in the bible but I thought it would be more interesting to write down what I remembered first. Here’s what I got:

So Mary was chilling with her boyfriend Joseph. And she wanted to rest for a little bit cos she was crazy tired from carrying her heavy pregnant belly around.




There was a concert in town (probably Jay Z or someone like that) so all the hotels were fully booked. That left these two with no choice but to chill in some dingy manger.




When they were in there, Mary went into labor and Joseph and all his new animal friends were like…




But then Mary had the baby and his name was Jesus and he was the only baby Mary had ever seen born with a full head of hair, edges and all, and she loved him immediately.




Some three wise men had been following a star (or been sent by a king… or were just taking a walk?) and the star led them to the manger. They walked in and brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.




Mary and Joseph have home training so they said thank you. But lowkey what they were hoping for were some actual baby things.




And so yeah, that’s the story of Jesus’ birth. Oh and somewhere in there, there were shepherds. And they all came to hang out too.



Happy holidays everyone! And don’t forget the real reason for the season! xx

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