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Here’s Why You Need A Deep Cleansing Oil ASAP

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Every individual needs a deep cleansing oil in their morning/nighttime facial and skincare routine and I’d tell you why!

I recently discovered an online shop called


that stocks a specially curated wellness selection, that promises better skin days ahead.

Why must I own a deep cleansing oil?

A deep cleansing oil effectively cleans skin gently and meticulously

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How does it work?

On contact with water it transforms into a creamy milk that gently dissolved all traces of foundation and waterproof makeup

Even if you are not a makeup wearer and just in the market for an impressive facial cleanser,

if you use a cleansing oil, it will clear pore clogging impurities to leave skin feeling refreshed and brand new.

How to purchase a deep cleansing oil


Shipping in Lagos within 3 days


It is my hope that more skin care brands in Nigeria will get the right funding and tech to create competitive products so there’s no need to import and in so doing our beauty industry becomes elevated.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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