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Can the right outfit make you more successful? It’s an interesting theory, and one which a lot of people might be quick to scoff at. However, there’s some research that suggest that the clothes we adorn ourselves with actually do have a direct effect on the way we work, and the way we perceive work.


You could be the most dedicated business professional, however it is imperative to reinstate the same through your choice of work clothes, as clichéd as this sounds.

Over the past few years, various large and small scale companies have bent the rules of work attire so much that much of our younger generation of employees are not aware of professional dressing.

These companies have ushered the atmosphere of comfortable clothing, which is often mistaken as wearing upbeat and trendy clothes in line with the latest fashion.

However, it is always imperative to wear conservative clothing to work to demonstrate your seriousness towards your job and build a solid first impression.

Professional attire assists in shaping your personality and how you are perceived by others in your work place.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important for entrepreneurs, especially for the small scale business professionals to dress correctly at work.


  1. Make strong First Impressions

It is a universal truth that first impression matters and that it can be vital to build your company’s image in front of new clients, especially when you are attempting to build a hold in your respective work industry. How a business professional presents himself is directly proportional to the image and attitude of the company he represents.


  1. Instill a Working Atmosphere

Dressing for business creates an aura of professionalism in the workplace and this encourages every employee to be motivated and give their best of abilities to their job responsibilities during their work hours.


  1. Sudden Meetings and Appointments

Another reason why dressing in appropriate business attire is important because you never know when  you will be suddenly required to meet a potential client or someone from outside your company. This outsider will remember your image as that of your company.

While professional clothing is not only about wearing suits and ties to the workplace, here are a few tips to dressing professionally and create a business image for yourself.


  1. Choice of colour

Unless you work with fashion or creative arts, bright colors and bold prints are a complete no. neutral colors such as blue, black, Khaki, white, beige and grey are the ideal choices. You can war shirts with stripes and checks along with the plain colored ones which are always in vogue. Ensure that your trouser compliments your shirt and consider wearing silk ties on the days of meetings with clients. Your trousers and suits should be well tailored and complement you.


  1. Choice of Accessories

How an individual chooses to dresses for work can be influential factor of his personal brand. The clothes, accessories and even the footwear you chooses to wear either reinforces or diminishes your skills and abilities in the eye of your employer, clients as well as co-workers. Instead of making multiple purchases you can invest in quality accessories which will help you create such a brand image for yourself. For example, investing in luxury watches below 2000 dollars once in a few year and wearing them regularly can establish your inclination towards quality over quantity in front of your associates and clients.


  1. Work Etiquettes

Remember appropriate work etiquette works hand in hand with appropriate work attire and both are equally important when you are to present a professional image of yourself as well as your company. Demonstrating a sound emotional intelligence, maintaining excellent interpersonal skills, exercising good decision making and keeping an approachable demeanor are some of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

While employees have freedom to express themselves similarly businesses have the right to promote their brands through their employees and dressing appropriately in the workplace is definitely one such important business standards that companies strive to achieve.

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Written by Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

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