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All over the world, the routine is the same- a woman meets a man, a woman marries a man and a woman abandons her last name and takes his. But have you ever wondered why women have to take on their spouses’ last names? I mean sure, back in the day, it made sense. Women were more property then person, so when they got married, they belonged to their husband. But this is 2016. I like to think when people get married now, it’s more about love and less about property.  But despite our so called advancement, it’s still normal for a woman to change her last name. Ask any man you know and he’ll say ‘Ah, of course my wife must have my name oh. Is she mad?’

Please, she is not mad in Jesus name. She might just be thinking about one of the following:

Celebrity Status: Imagine a Beyonce Knowles changing her name to Beyonce Carter, Joke Silva to Joke Jacobs or a Jennifer Lopez changing her last name to God knows what (What husband is she on now? 6?) It sure doesn’t add up. These women have grown influential in their careers from even have studies, buildings, schools and monuments named after them. Changing their names is like changing their brand. On top marriage? Not worth it.

Compound Names: Kim Kardashian-West, Funke Akindele-Bello, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, Jada Pinkett-Smith and more leave us dazed with all these heavy compound names and the hyphen inclusive. Some women just can’t stand this complexity, hence they stick to their last names.

Family Background: When you are born with a gold spoon and your family name alone opens doors of opportunities to people, there ain’t no way in the world will you change that name for another. In fact, if your bae is smart, he’ll take the last name himself!

Procedures: Thinking of the stress of having to go visit so many offices, see so many people, unnecessary payments, travel to Abuja, wait for your newspaper publication, court affidavits and much more is enough to make a sister say “hey, it’s just a name”.

Feminism: Some women are just very personal and self-made. They know they can do bad all by themselves as they have dreamed it, worked for it and achieved it. Go and tell Linda Ikeji to drop her name for a man, you will be the topic of her next blog article.  In conclusion, I’m not saying do or do not drop your last name; at least Victoria Beckham who was once Victoria Adams has remained married till date and she is still trending sha but if the future is not too certain for you and your spouse please keep your name to yourself in order to not confuse people and keep them wondering what the next name might be.