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Written By Damilola Faustino

Nollywood and Hollywood movies have made us believe the idea of love at first sight. But is this really true? Imagine seeing a guy or a lady and you instantly fall in love with him or her? Some go as far as saying that she is their wife. And by the way, they have never met before and some lay claims to God revealing her to him in a dream. Whatever the case may be, we share reasons why love at first sight is bullsh*t and annoying:

It is actually a terrible idea

The idea of seeing and loving someone for the very first time is actually terrible. This is because it is quite awkward when you tell someone on the very first day that you love them. Except the girl is desperate to have a guy, she will think you need to be taken to Yabaleft!

It does not exist

Anyone who tells you that they are in love with you on the very first day is just lusting after you. This is because you need time to groom love in order to develop it. As you grow in the relationship, so does love develop. Then both of you become inseparable.

It is superficial

The truth is a person who says he loves you at the very first meeting likes something about you. It may be the way you dress, your pretty look, or your figure 8. There must be something that pushes him to say use I love you carelessly. Do not fall for this!

It’s old-fashioned

Remember the days when your dad tells you that my son, this is the girl you will marry. You have no choice than to accept. That is exactly how love at first sight seems like. Do you expect that the girl to blush abi?

It is very shallow

Love at first sight is just lame, shallow and stupid. People involved in such have ulterior motives which most times is for them to get you to bed.

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