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If using a highlighter is not a staple part of your makeup routine then you better make sure it is today! A highlighter can literally change your whole look by making your skin look fresh and giving you that lit from within glow (especially when the sun beats down on it).




There are rules to using a highlighter though such as choosing the right shade, type, application and more. If you want to know how to get a highlight brighter than your future, follow these simple these tips and tricks below…

  • Pearl/Pink shades are great for for lighter skin tones and Gold/Bronze shades compliment darker skin tones.
  • Liquid highlighters are the key to a natural dewy look as they can be mixed in with foundation or just applied to high points of the face.
  • Cream highlighters also provide a similar look to liquids as they blend/melt easily into the skin. If you have oily skin however, this may not be your first choice.
  • Powder highlighters provide a long lasting glow on all skin types, leading them to be the most popular option.
  • The fingers and fan brushes work well for a precise application of highlighter in a specific area.
  • Cheekbones are the main place for highlighter as this is where the light bounces off the face.
  • Also highlighter can be applied under the brow bone, the nose, inner tear ducts and Cupid’s bow.


  • Try not to use highlighters that are too light as they can appear ashy on the skin.
  • Save highlighters with chunks of glitter for night time looks as they may look too dramatic during the day.
  • Do not apply highlighters over problem areas as they can make the areas stand out more.

Now go get your glow on ladies 😉

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Written by Pamela Ogboro 

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