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Highlights From The Thrilling Unilag Access Campus Storm

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Written by Ogunbambo Femi


The University of Lagos campus was caught by a pleasant surprise when Access bank showed up to gift them a fun filled afternoon.

Residents of the university gathered to witness and participate in the ACCESS EXPRESS RUSH HOUR which ran from 8:00am to 10:00am on Wednesday, June 22 2017.

The youthful bank also provided free cab rides on campus during the period, heightening the excitement.

Naturally, Access Bank Representatives took the opportunity to urging students to open an ACCESS SOLO SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

We picked the brains of some of the participants of the ACCESS EXPRESS RUSH HOUR and their excitement was bubbling:

-Kemi Akinleye ( 300L, Marine Sciences) said: “wow…I never knew Access Bank used to do very interesting creative stunts like this. I am extremely impressed. You Guys rock”

– Micheal Okafor (200L, Civil Engineering) said: “omo mehn…Big Thank you to Access Bank for the Free Ride this morning. I wasn’t even aware until I got into the cab and driver didn’t ask for pay and I was forced to ask..baba e o gba ni, he then said Access Bank ti so owo yii o.”

-Mr Uche Dike (Cab Driver) said: “Una Dalu Access Bank o. This is encouraging. The Association of Cab Drivers paid us this Morning and we were very happy to do the Free Ride.”

The ACCESS EXPRESS RUSH HOUR Campaign ended by exactly 10pm and by that time an Estimated Total of 1,850 Passengers had partaken in the Free Ride.

The Unilag Storm was activated and the Team Members of Diamond House were allocated to the Main three Locations for the Storm Campaign.

The Personal banking Team and Access Bank Campus Ambassador in Unilag put and set up all the necessary logistics in order.

Ogunbambo Femi, an Access Bank Campus Ambassador in Unilag was able to get across to major influencers across all the major venue locations and pulled out a massive student crowd who were all potential customers and eventually some became Customers.
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Many Students were happy with the Campaign and also willingly opened Access Solo Savings Account and even more happier when they discovered the process required little documentation.

The Access Campaign Dancers thrilled the crowd and the host Holyswagger wowed the crowd away his various comic contents that got the vibes of students up and urging them to come of their hostels to open Accounts.

The Campaign became even more interesting when the Host unleashed the ACCESS MEGA PACKAGES and gave out free Access Bank Branded Souvenir gift items such as ball pens,key holders,notepads, Access Bank Solo Savings Account shirts etc to students to spice up the Campaign. There was also an open mic, which afforded some Residents of Jaja Hall to showcase their talent.

The Unilag Storm was a Massive success.

The Unilag Students were very pleased with the storm and most of them changed their orientation about Access Bank and many believed the Bank is coming more Youth Friendly and that they can relate to.

Many Students are anticipating the next Unilag storm and it’s sure to be a bigger Success.

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