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The Pepper Dem Gang partied as if there was no Eviction and the drama that followed was not what we expected. The Big Brother Naija Saturday Night Party always comes with much spice and vibes that make us clamour for more. Yesterday’s was not an exception. Trust the Pepper Dem Gang to come loaded with spicy dance steps, this time too, no disappointment. And oh, the after-party drama this time took a new turn. Now, let’s take it one by one.

What is a Saturday Night Party without a little drama on the side? As usual, the Pepper Dem Gang never disappointed in this regard. This time it began with the resident sugar daddy, Seyi, we really did not know what caused their fight, but he and Omashola were seen serving it hot to each other. It was a fight over soya milk and Omashola wasn’t going to take it easy while Seyi called him names like “mumu.”

If at any point we ever doubted such a thing as a thin line between love and hate, We are now believers. What started off with Elozoman explaining his Veto Power choice to Mercy and random discussions about Diane’s use of her Veto Power soon turned into a vicious fight between Mercy and Ike. In a subtle attempt to switch the topic of conversation as Diane approached the group, a response from Ike got Mercy pissed and they immediately turned on each other. The quarrel was really intense as they hurled mean insults at each other.

The reconciliatory move started with Elozonam and Diane. As Diane and Elozonam tried to pacify her, they made her realise it was a classic case of miscommunication. He said that what Ike meant was that he was going to stick with her till the end. For Diane, she felt Mercy went too far, she could have listened and let him explain himself.

Seyi also added his bit to ensure the matter was properly settled. He reminded Ike on why Mercy really needed him. Ike owned up to the situation and promised to help restore Mercy’s confidence.

By: Dammy Eneli

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