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Maryam Salam is a fashion blogger and founder of The Blogger Point, an influencer marketing community for Nigerian bloggers. Maryam studied Fashion Marketing and Branding at university in England, inevitably taking her love for fashion to the next level by starting her own blog in 2013.

London-based Maryam Salam is breaking taboos about being a stylish Hijab wearer and has been helping inspire other women on Muslim beauty, fashion, and modesty with her fashion and lifestyle choices.

Image of Maryam Salam

The Nigerian blogger who transitioned to modest fashion including discussions around faith and being a hijabi in this millennial generation to her blog admits that adjusting her lifestyle and becoming more intentional about the way she dresses was not an easy one.

“I’ve always worked on my faith journey with God and wearing hijab is something I’ve always wished for and prayed about. I believe dressing modestly is one of many steps to get stronger in my faith and closer to God.

“I lost my job then due to my choice to wear hijab in the workplace. However, this didn’t stop me, things got better. The more I embrace it, the better things get!”

Two years later, Salam is now one of the biggest modest Nigerian fashion influencers and right after bagging a degree in Entrepreneurship & International Business last month, announced her new brainchild Arewa Scarves which doubles as a fashion accessory brand and also a fund-raising platform for the education of the girl child with a portion of every sale going to a charity organisation based in Nigeria.

By: Dammy Eneli

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