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By Damilola Faustino

Nigerians have wholeheartedly embraced technology, especially when it comes to the use of mobile devices. In nearly every household, you will find a more than 3 phones with internet access as mobile service providers continue to make data affordable. In spite of all these positives, there are some ridiculous things that have happened as a result of the way Nigerians use their phones and before we can say jack, these fallacies have gone viral – no thanks to our mothers’ broadcast messages. Who can relate with these phone hoax in Nigeria? Feel free to add yours in the comments section below:

Collapsing after picking a call

This is the best-known phone hoax in Nigeria. The story was all over that some people collapsed and died after picking a particular number. It was so real that some Nigerians stopped picking unknown numbers. Of course, this was a rumour. You cannot collapse except you have health issues. Unfortunately, many Nigerians fell for this hoax. It was later dispelled by the Nigerian communication Commission (NCC).

Picking calls at night

This is common among the aged folks, they do not pick their calls in the night or they switch it off. There is no reason for switching off your phone than the fear of the unknown. Nigerians are very superstitious people. You can pick your calls at any time of the day!

Mobile network giving out Free credit and data

Getting a service for free is in the DNA of a Nigerian. They want to take full advantage of a free offer of a free deal. So, when there is information the public domain that a particular network is giving free credit and data, you see Nigerians migrating to that network. Even your friend will tell you that he received 50,000 from a network. Unless there is a network error such a thing can never happen!

Hausas are always dialling the wrong number

You received a call from an unfamiliar number, the likelihood it is a Hausa man that dialed your number. Before you respond to his hello, he has started speaking Hausa. You have to tell him that he is calling the wrong number. This is not completely true because other Nigerian ethnic groups also dial the wrong digit but it is most common among Hausas. why, we know not!

Your Whatsapp shutting down

This one is really annoying. It keeps circulating and people are still falling for it. They send you a BC and say that if you don’t send it to ten people, your whatsapp will shut down. Or click a link otherwise your whatsapp will shut down by a certain date. Errmm, has it worked for anyone yet? Please let’s hear your testimonies.

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