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For a few days now, the internet has been filled up with the reasons behind the purple choice of Hilary Clinton for her concession speech in New York.

We are not one bit bothered about who or what the president is, but we’ve been touched by the reason behind Hilary’s cloth choice. It was reported that Hilary chose to wear Ralph Lauren as she has done in the last two years for her campaign, this time was no different.

hilary clinton

The only difference we see this time is the motive behind the purple lapel pantsuit and silk camisole blouse she wore and the purple tie her husband Bill adorned. Purple has series of cultural meaning, ranging from nobility, wealth, power. It is also associated with magic, spirituality and even mourning. Some group of people feel purple represent dignity.

The heartwarming factor is the combination of the colors of the ruling parties in The United States of America – the Democrats and Republicans. The official color of the parties are blue and red respectively; when mixed, they form purple.

According to reference: “When the colors red and blue are mixed together, violet or purple is produced. Purple is a secondary color and can only be made by mixing these two primary colors together”. This inadvertently promotes peace.

Our nation is more deeply divided than we thought,” Clinton said during her speech. This move by Hilary goes to show her love for her country plus her peaceful heart.

She’s has inspired us to add purple to our collection of go-to dresses.

Written by Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Images: Getty

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