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H&M Pays Homage To Tokyo In Its Latest Collection

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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

The key inspiration behind H&M Studio’s spring 2018 collection revolved around a trip to Tokyo and based on the Japanese City’s minimalistic design and quiet grace.


Transforming Paris’ Les Arts Decoratifs into a traditional Japanese restaurant, the floors of the museum were covered with tatami mats and most attendees, save a celebrity guest or two, were asked to remove their shoes and take part in a traditional Japanese sushi dinner.

Turns out H&M simply used this trip as a jumping off point for a collection full of colorful, wearable (and shortly available for purchase!) clothes with a hint of Japanese inspiration found in the shapes and some of the prints.

“It was very inspiring to watch people on the streets,” Angelica Gronborg, a concept designer at H&M said ahead of the show. “Both the modern and urban kind of culture, but also the older heritage aspects. Take, for example, the characters in the writing system. Those inspired our print story.”


“You can also see inspiration in the wrap detail,” continued Grimborg. “It’s really about this kind of almost origami kind of wrap that’s very simple and minimalistic.”

So how does a brand take inspiration from a culture, while also paying its respects? “I mean for us it’s really important to celebrate the beauty of everyone,” explained Grimborg. For the brand, this translates to both the casting – a diverse mix of races and body types – but also the culture itself, hence the meal, and traditional musical performance. “It’s always done with respect, but it’s also our way of getting inspired. For us it’s important to make it into art. It’s a celebration of what’s beautiful and very artistic in the culture.”

The predominantly Anglo-saxon wait staff, dressed in traditional garb and stacked flip flops at the event, lent a twinge of a performative, costume-like effect to the otherwise gracious affair. All in all the presentation was a delightful evening of nice clothes, good food, and respectful mixing of Eastern and western traditions.


Check out the collection in the slides above

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