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So it’s that festive time of the year again and you can be forgiven and allowed to let your hair down and try something new but don’t get so crazy cause we here at Accelerate will be the first to ask “What where you thinking” if you do too much oh!





So instead of nail art with huge chunks of glitter , candy-cane stripes and Drake wearing a Santa hat and go for something just as festive. Something you don’t have to remove before going to the office and this is how geometric shapes are the answer. They are luxurious and glam with out looking like you where visited by the fairy princess.
The most common mistake people make when going for a manicure is waiting until they get to the salon to show the manicurist what they want. Listen, take screenshots when you see nail art you like and show the manicurist during your appointment. And if it is something difficult and more advanced, let you manicurist know in advance here are some inspiration for you below.



Your nails are thanking me 🙂


Written by Tokyo James 

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