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Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Skin discolouration is one of the major skin challenges people are faced with and it really calls for great concern. Every woman out there longs for a clear and smooth skin, which really says a lot about you. Skin discolouration is a condition in which a person develops dark and irregular patches on their face/skin. Discolouration includes patches of redness, birth marks or unexpected shifts in pigmented skin. It is medically referred to as melasma, which is essentially the formation of dark spots on the skin.

It is very common for pregnant women to experience this, and can also be seen in women who are taking oral contraceptives or have gone through hormone replacement therapy. We all want a blending skin and not skin patches but how exactly do we achieve this.

Below are some of the best natural remedies for getting rid of discoloration:


Apply the juice of one lemon to your discoloured skin twice daily with a cotton ball. With continued use, results should be apparent within six to eight weeks. Rubbing your skin with a sliced red onion provides the same effects, as onion juice and lemon juice contain the same acidity.



Massage castor oil into your discoloured skin when a rough top layer texture is present. Applying castor oil to discolouration twice daily may help smooth out the skin as well and break down excess melanin. Larger spots benefit from wearing a bandage soaked with castor oil overnight.


Eat plenty of vitamin C-enriched foods, such as broccoli and citrus fruits. Vitamin C is essential for your skin as it fights the free radicals responsible for skin discolouration. Vitamin C also aides with tissue repair, helping your skin to heal properly from the inside out.


Take tea made from burdock, red clover or milk thistle to cleanse the blood stream and help remove skin discolouration. These herbs are antioxidants responsible for cleaning your body of environmental toxins.

  1. WATER

Water is life but many of us are not aware of this. Regular intake of water helps to flush the system of any form of germs and thereby keeping the body at its best state. It is advised to take lots of water in order to maintain the skin and for better functioning of the body.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for making discoloured skin lighter. Water mixed with a few drops of vinegar and a little honey can diminish a discolouration on a skin. The natural remedy also tightens enlarge pores and restores the skin pH balance.

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