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Crazy things often happen in the fashion industry but things just got weirder. Hood by Air showcased double-faced cowboy boots at the NYFW.

double face boots2

This is something that is utterly different and out of the ordinary. Fashion is a creative business and we will acknowledge that the fashion shows are a way officially showcase extreme creativity and get away with it.

The double-faced cowboy boots are a rather extremely creative fashion moment. Maybe, perhaps, a tad to extreme.

double face boots

Looking at this design critically, there has to be an underlining motive. There are rules and unwritten norms that guide the industry, that have to be taken down. There are class and gender segregation usually prominent in Fashion. With this boots we see that things can go both ways. There should be more fluidity between gender and class. As well as direction. Lol…

double face boots3

Hood by Air double faced boots design is no doubt absurd and one of a kind but the subliminal message is what is of importance. There should be more opportunities for people to express themselves and their fashion individuality. Nothing stops one from cutting across brands and level. Have a double positioned view of expression and fashion.

Images: Steve Lovekin, Stella Bugbee

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