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Hoop earrings are very stylish and can fit a lot of outfits (a lot but not all oh). There are times that you should and shouldn’t wear them. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

Do’s of Hoops

Wear with tube tops and dresses: Since these only go up to the chest, they are perfect for you to accentuate your neck. Wearing hoops will allow you to emphasize the length of your neck. All the attention has to rest on the earrings so you have to make sure that you don’t wear any necklaces Hoops will also make good accessories, especially for a formal event (Ask Zendaya, she always rocks in them).

hoop earrings1


Wearing with plain shirts or V-necks: Plain shirts can look a bit boring. To bring an edge to your outfit, you can pair it up with hoops. They will give the look some elegance and sophistication. You will end up looking top notch without actually trying too hard. Simplicity in elegance.

Wearing with turtlenecks: This is a total opposite of the tube top because it covers the neck thus giving people a chance to admire your face area. When pairing a turtleneck with hoops, you have to make sure that you are wearing a plain turtleneck. Also, tie your hair back to add drama to your look- it will make you look even sexier.

hoop earrings4


Don’t’s of Hoops

Wearing with jackets: The issue with jackets is that they are meant to cover you up and not like the turtle neck. They add enough drama to your outfit. Therefore, there isn’t really any point to pairing hoops with a jacket- it will look too busy. Also, there is a possibility of pulling on your earrings by accident if you’re wearing oversized jackets and that will defs hurt.

hoop earrings3

While dancing or doing extraneous events: Events like dancing and sports cannot handle the weight or size of hoops. You have to bear in mind that you have to be light and free if you want to engage in these events. Besides, if you are with people, you wouldn’t want someone to accidentally pull on your hoops right? That may not end well and it definitely won’t be pretty.

Hoops are really nice for once in a while events and outing because most may be too heavy to wear around for many hours. But if don’t have one, you should have at least a pair in your closet for special occasions.

Written by Judith Achinedu

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Images: jusjared.com, yournextshoes.com, michaelhill.com.au, asos.com

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