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Swedish police have reportedly raided the hotel room of ASAP Rocky‘s manager. According to reports, it is claimed that the authorities in the country where ASAP has been held since his well-publicized arrest earlier this month, raided the hotel room of his longtime manager John Ehmann.

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The story claims that the raid took place around 8 am over the weekend when Ehmann was issued with a search warrant. It then states that the officers took the manager’s mobile phone, demanding the passcode to review any messages or photos. The manager recently posted a lengthy Instagram post giving his support to the online petition to free ASAP Rocky.

“For a man that has not been proven guilty to go through these conditions, while visiting a country to headline their festival, is troublesome,” he wrote. “To keep Rocky and his colleagues in jail is punishment before due process.”

ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden last week after being accused of assault. He has been ordered to be detained for two weeks while police investigate the claims against him.

In that time, an online petition calling for his release has gained over half a million signatures. Stars including Tyga and Tyler, The Creator have also shown their support, with Tyga cancelling a show in Sweden and Tyler vowing “no more Sweden for me, ever” with regards to future touring plans in the country.

By Damilola Faustino

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