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By Damilola Faustino

It’s hard to feel secure at work when there’s so much news about the economy not performing to satisfaction, so the key is to ensure you are in a place where you cannot easily be disposed of when things get tough. Be the indispensable guy or girl. Here’s how to go about it:

work indispensable

Look for ways to develop and grow

The more you invest in yourself to grow in your role, the more the company will see you as an investment. Think of ways you can proactively make yourself more marketable and competitive. You can follow up on professional development opportunities, enhancing your computer skills, increasing your industry knowledge, earning new certifications and attending seminars. The more a company invests in you, the more it will find you irreplaceable.

Stand out

Invisibility is dispensability When you’re in any work environment, it’s critical that people know who you and what you’re doing. To help you, you should take on additional job responsibilities, developing cross-functional relationships in the workplace, and volunteer for committees, boards and leadership positions. Doing so keeps your work profile fresh and visible.

Do not avoid your boss

Many people spend a lot of time and energy avoiding their boss. And that’s a big mistake. You should actively communicate with your boss on a regular basis, develop a relationship, and clarify expectations. Not only should you make your boss look good, make your boss your friend, not your enemy.

Don’t be unpleasant

People will go out of their way to avoid unpleasant coworkers. If you are always rolling your eyes, texting in meetings, complaining, or just being plain difficult to work with, that is not going unnoticed.  Even if your skills are at the top of their game, it’s possible that a bad attitude can prove the difference when a department needs to cut someone.

Find your place

Understanding your role within a department and company will help you make yourself indispensable to both. People who truly get how their work fits are generally more invested, bigger thinkers and more likely to be seen as engaged and committed. If you feel the mission of your department or company is unclear or lacking, talk to a manager about putting a committee together to clarify goals and get the organisation on track.

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