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Bobby Abley has arguably become one of the most talked about designers of the London Men’s Fashion Week after he remodeled his runway appearance into a Pokémon hunting ground.


Trainers in Pokéball ponchos and backpacks competed in a walk-off with the animated characters.

Squirtle, Charmander and the evasively rare Mewtwo Pokémon adorned brightly colored tracksuits, T-shirt and shorts sets, and boiler suits. A life-sized Pikachu even danced up and down the catwalk, transforming the fashion floor into a Pokemon playing ground.

Bobby Abley is no stranger to channeling childhood nostalgia as he has in the past used other cartoon and animated pop-culture characters; a Teletubby took to the runway last year to showcase some moves. Disney characters, and Power Rangers have also been featured in his previous appearances.

Bobby also made his comeback after missing last year’s bi-annual show even more powerful by releasing another range inspired by Christiana Agueilera.

See photos:

By Sarah Oyedo

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