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Boris Becker is a former six time Grand Slam champion, who was hired by Djokovic to be his coach, back in 2014, and he helped Djokovic become number one, during their time together.
After finishing the 2013 season by winning the ATP Finals, Djokovic hired Becker, to work alongside his coach Marian Vajda, with the aim of winning the Grand Slam.

According to an interview with Eurosport, Boris revealed that contentment was the reason Djokovic dropped to number three, after winning the ATP.

“The reason why you might not be so good anymore is because you felt too good as number one, you didn’t improve. The other players like Nadal and Federer have adjusted their game. I don’t like your positioning on the court, I don’t like your serve at all.”

He further stated his promise to Djokovic, saying “My promise to him was that I had to tell him open and honestly the truth, because everything else doesn’t work and I can’t embellish anything”.

During the pairs time together, Djokovic would go on to win six grand slam titles, before their eventual split in December, 2016. Becker was later announced as the Head of Men’s tennis, by the German Tennis Federation.

Becker has also not ruled out the possibility of returning to coaching. “I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of becoming a coach again, In the current situation, it’s not possible because I’m responsible for the men’s Team Germany, but nothing is eternal. If there are players who interest me, who allow me to coach so and want to be open with me, then that’s something I could definitely consider.”


By Muyiwa Aguda 

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