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Lagos based designer Domoge Clothing is using her food company, Domoge Kitchen to comfort clientele amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

I initially caught up with CEO, Debola (of Domoge Clothing)

to find out what strategic methods her fashion business was implementing

to result in an increased number of followers on her social media

 and ensure consistent sales during this period.

Well, what I discovered truly warmed my heart!


Now that panic mode has replaced party mode, most retailers have seen a massive decline in sales.

In Nigeria, things are tougher than most countries whose governments

are supplying them with COVID-19 stipends.

Most people are frustrated and at a loss when it comes to secondary purchases so

I have to commend Debola because of her revised marketing tactic.

She discovered how insensitive it may come across to clients when they see content pushing them to buy things they don’t need.

I mean, who wants to spend money when there’s fear of death and doomsday all around?

Debola realised that fashion has become a want not a need in these trying times

so she leveraged Domoge Kitchen,

her catering brand, to help her provide the primary need fo the client


Man may not wear new clothes at home amidst the lockdown but man must eat!

This strategy is so commendable and shows the resourcefulness of the brand.

The intelligent part is that Domoge Clothing has indirectly secured new customers through the Domoge food home delivery.

Now Debola can even opt to send a free pair of socks or shorts alongside the food delivery and that clothing item would serve as a constant reminder to the buyer that Domoge Clothing also exists

So guess what?

Most likely, after the pandemic is done and dusted

and when disposable income becomes less constrained,

these individuals who’ve benefitted from Domoge Food

would enlist Domoge Clothing for all their outfit needs.


Domoge Food

So, ladies and gentlemen, should you require food, shop from the catering business known as Domoge Food below;

Domoge Clothing

Should you masterfully designed clothing

find out more about DOMOGE CLOTHING here;

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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