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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

googleThere are times when you ask yourself, who invented google and if you can marry off one of your siblings to their children, because that’s how hard they came through for you.

So you know those days, you’re in a class, bored out of your mind and then you notice that cute girl who you never noticed was there but is there?

Ask a friend who she is and he goes, how will you know when you don’t come for lectures (Don’t judge me)? So after a lot of begging and promising to buy him dinner, he tells me her name (let’s go with Jane ‘cause I don’t trust you guys).

Anyways she always keeps to herself and is really smart. So nobody tried to approach her and everyone let her be after she embarrassed one guy like that. At that moment, I look up to the sky to thank God for the intellect he blessed me with because I know I’m not impressing anyone with my looks.

So I’m out here thinking of what I’m going say after class and the class looked like it wasn’t going to end. Anyways after class I’m psyching myself up to go talk to her and then all of a sudden, as if she was the most popular person in the world, everyone wanted to talk to her, guys, girls and that’s how I couldn’t walk up to her. I was so sad, then I remembered we had another class. Before you judge me, I had a system for classes you see. If I attend the morning classes the previous week the afternoon & evening classes are for next week, that way you have enough attendance to write exams and have an idea what they teach in class, but that’s not the point.

So she had me breaking my rule because she was headed to the next class which I wouldn’t normally go to. Got into the class and I was looking for a seat to go to my normal space at the back but it was filled already (back benchers are punctual too).

Anyways the only space was in the middle of the class and guess beside who? I looked up to the ceiling to thank God for having my back and placed my seat beside her. Said hi and pretended to use my phone until the teacher came in.

So while we were being taught, I was racking my brain and thinking of what way I would bring up a conversation. Then it happened, there was a lot of chatter in the classroom, so the lecturer got vexed and decided that he will ask a question and if we did not get it we had to leave the class. He was picking people at random and they were flunking left and right, the next thing I saw his finger pointed in my direction, luckily not at me but sadly at Jane. Asks her the question and guess who had opened google and checked out the answer after the first two people flunked?

secret camera phone case

Pretended to sneeze and whispered the answer to her and she heard me immediately. Told the lecturer the answer and as he asked her to sit down, she turns to me and says thank you, and you are? I look up to the ceiling, say a silent prayer & thank you for the creators of google, look down at her smile, stretch forth my hand and introduce myself.

Moral of the story, when in doubt, try Google!

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